3, 2, 1… Sri Lanka here we come!

After a pretty long time counting down the months and days until the 16th August, the day has finally arrived! We (my boyfriend and I) will be leaving this afternoon to Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, where we will start a two-week long trip around the island. Safaris, temples, elephant walks and unforgettable train journeys. These are just some of the things that we expect during our backpacking adventure. Are you ready to follow us?

If you are interested in what we have been up to or if you are thinking about going to Sri Lanka too, don’t miss the full series of blog posts I have planned: from the route we took to the cool places we discovered. You will find everything once we come back – and this time I keep my word and will actually do it! I PROMISE!

And… In case you cannot wait until we come back, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! See you in a few weeks!

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