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As I wrote in one of my first posts, my biggest beauty struggle is to find a routine that works wonders for my skin and then actually sticking to it. I watch all these beauty gurus sharing their nine-steps to perfect skin and I seriously envy them. However, at the same time loads of questions pop up in my mind. Where do they find time to do all these steps? How much money do they have to spend on all these products?

So as stubborn as I can be, I decided that before New Year’s I would come up with a routine that wasn’t time consuming, that wouldn’t break the bank and that I could truly follow through.

I started doing my research and in several posts and videos, Liz Earle came up. I really didn’t know much about this brand. However, when I started reading about it I had the urge to try some of their products and not only because of the great results loads of people had shared online, but because of the natural ingredients they use, their philosophy (they believe in 3-step routines – perfect!!) and their reasonable pricing.

So, whilst I was in London, I decided to go into Boots and see if they sold this magical brand I had just found out, and luckily, they did! I decided to buy a Christmas kit that included the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, the Superskin Concentrate For Night and two Pure Cotton Cloths.

The night I gave it a go I fell in love with each and every single step right away. I actually couldn’t wait to use all the products again the next morning. The scent of the different products is great and I love how they leave my skin feeling nice and clean and moisturised. Nevertheless, the biggest game changer was to start using a cotton cloth and hot water to cleanse my face. It’s not only good for my skin but it also makes me feel more relaxed and prepares myself for a good night sleep.

So let’s talk about the actual skin routine I am following right now:

1.  I massage into my dry face the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and then use a pure cotton cloth (previously rinsed in hot water) to clean it.

*Extra step: If I feel like I need to get my skin super clean I will use the Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser from Neutrogena.

2. Splash my face with cold water.

3. Spray some of the Intsant Boost Skin Tonic and wait for it to completely dry.

4. Moisturise my skin with my holy grail Hydro Balanzing Moisturizing Cream.

*Extra step: Every two days I use the Liz Earle’s Superskin Concentrate For Night before going to bed and if I feel there’s a spot making an appearance I will use ISDIN Peroxiben Gel which will help dry it out and get rid of it.

I hope you enjoyed reading through my struggles and new skin routine and feel free to leave me a comment with any suggestions you may have!


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