Long time no see

It’s been quite a while since I sat down and wrote something for the blog… I know… And I am very angry at myself for not doing so…! However in my defence, I would like to say that I’ve been very busy at work and have tried to enjoy as much as I could the nice warm days in Hamburg and my two weeks of holidays in Spain 🙂  That’s why I decided to update you guys with all the fun stuff I have been up to while I have been away.

So first things first: my holidays 🙂 I decided to take two weeks off so I could spend some time with my family and friends. But most importantly, I had a mission: I had to pass my driving test. And believe it or not, I PASSED! I am sure the majority of you reading this already know as I announced it in my Instagram (@bytusya)… but… I PASSED!! and I am so happy and relieved!

However, over to more fun stuff: I spent most of my holidays in the Pyrenees where I used to spend my teenager summers. I love it there as it’s completely different from Barcelona where I have lived since I was a child. I love my small village where everyone knows each other and where, if you run out of milk, you have to go to the farmer and buy some fresh from the cow! No bars, no shops, poor internet connection when it rains… 😂 It may sound awful but it’s actually not! It’s fun, relaxing and you get more creative as there’s not much around to do. But don’t get too worried, I do not live in the middle of nowhere! Within just a 30 minute drive, you are back into civilization! haha

So, you will be wondering what I did there for two whole weeks, right? Well, there I got to go hiking with my family and friends. I got to sunbathe by the pool and play volleyball. I was able to go to some “fiestas mayores” (village parties) over the weekends, which, if you are not familiar with and have the chance to go to one, please do as they are really fun! And we (I mean, my boyfriend and I) even got a car stuck in the reservoir mud – which now explains the photo in the thumbnail 😂

Nonetheless, my holidays were not only spent in the mountains. I found some spare time to go to Barcelona where I could meet up with some of my friends from university and even got the chance to show my city around to two friends from Hamburg who had never visited Barcelona before!

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