Finding my holy grail foundation

I’ve never been good at picking out the perfect foundation for me. I always choose the wrong color – sometimes I don’t remember that I am as pale as Snow White and I go home with a foundation that is three shades darker than my actual skin or I buy one that is too pink for me. So, after many years struggling to make the foundations that I own look actually look good on me, I decided to ditch them all and start my research to find my holy grail foundation.

After several days asking around my friends, family and colleagues which foundations did they use, or if they knew any really good ones out there, I ended up with a long list of different brands and products I could try out. I looked up every single foundation they had recommended and I started ruling out all of those that didn’t match my skin type: combination to oily; and didn’t promise to give me the mattifying finish I was looking for. After this long task, I had finally a list of about 5 foundations I could choose from… However, I was still not sure which one to buy.

One day at work, talking about foundations with one of my colleagues, and also a good friend of mine, she told me I should try out a foundation from MAC Cosmetics. At first I was quite skeptical but she looked so convinced and told me so many times that I would like it, that I decided to give it a try.

One weekend we finally decided to go to one of the MAC stores in Hamburg and went directly to the stand where the Studio Fix Fluid was. Once there, the only thing we had to find out was the best shade for my skin. Thankfully, one of the girls working in the store helped us out and told me I was the lightest shade from the range of colors they had hahaha (You see! I told you I am as white as a sheet!)

I have been using this same foundation for over a month now and all I can say is that I am very happy I decided to buy it 🙂 It is full coverage but doesn’t feel like I am wearing too much make up on, it’s my exact color, it doesn’t look cakey at all aaaand I have received many compliments! 🙂

What foundations do you use? And if you use the same foundation as me, did you notice a strong scent when you started wearing it?

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