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Sometime ago I started my own personal blog. I was inspired by all the big bloggers I read such as Sara Escudero from Collage Vintage, Alexandra Pereira from Lovely Pepa or Aida Domenech from Dulceida. However, it didn’t last too long as I wasn’t sure about what to write about and I was very concerned about what would other people could think of me. So sadly, I closed down my blog and tried to forget about this dream I had… 

Three or four years have flown by quickly and here I am, opening my new blog and writing my first blog post! I am very excited and happy to have found the strength and motivation to follow my dreams and don’t worry about what others might say or think.

I will write about anything I feel like sharing with the rest of the world. The most recurrent topics will be my day to day life, my tips and tricks when travelling, plenty of good restaurants and beauty and fashion related posts 🙂 as these are the things I most enjoy talking about. However, I am sure that after some months of consistent blogging, I will start including some new categories as I will feel more and more comfortable with this new and exciting world!

Oh, btw, I hope that in each and every post I’ll write you will be able to learn something new about myself. Nevertheless, I have found a cool way of telling you a few random facts about me (and if you wish, you can tell me your own facts in the comments below!) as for the time being I am a total stranger for you – unless there’s some of my friends reading this right now haha.

Hope some of these facts make you laugh!

1.  I love dogs. Since I was a kid I always wanted a Golden Retriever and I know that when
I have my own place and have the money to take care of it, I will adopt one.

2. I always thought I wouldn’t be a sushi lover… But I was wrong, very wrong!
Since I moved to Hamburg it is one of the only things I want to eat!

3. This is my favourite number and will aways be haha <3

4. I don’t like beer. I have tried to get used to its taste. But it’s impossible…
I much prefer a cocktail – I’m such an old woman in this sense!

5. I always wanted to be a Art Director / Graphic Designer and thought this was the
only job position that I would really enjoy. However, 6 months ago I started working in an
agency specialized in influencer marketing and I looove it!

6. When I was younger I did all kinds of sports: ballet, swimming, artistic gymnastics,
hip hop, indoor football… I even tried synchronized swimming for a few weeks!

7. I absolutely hate horror movies or any film that involves blood in it. If you make me
watch one of these movies I won’t sleep in God knows how many days!

8. Burgers are my life. I can’t imagine a life without burgers… This is how much I love them!

9. When I was a child I always said I would buy a dolphin when I had money
and build a swimming pool so that I could have him as a pet. How adorable, right?

10. Last but not least… I would love to know how to speak Italian and Portuguese fluently!
I love how these two languages sound <3

PS: I included some photos of myself when I was young just because they are super cute haha and I think they pretty much describe what I love: travelling, smiling and spending as much time as possible on the beach 🙂

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